Fishing Hacks You Wish You Already Knew

Fishing Hacks


Before you pack your gear and head our way for a little R&R and fishing, be sure to pack a few necessary items.

One advantage of fishing around Red River is that most fishing can be done from the bank. But if you do venture into the water, remember, all waterways in this area are melted snow. First timer waders in the streams might find the water temperature a bit cold. However, it’s only cold when you first get in – after a while you won’t be able to feel your legs anyway without proper gear.  Star Trading has some great gear to protect your from teeth chattering. That kind of noise will scare the fish away.

There are plenty of opportunities whether you are on the banks, river fishing, fly fishing or fishing on the lakes. Pick your spot and prepare to do some serious catching.

Fishing on the Fly

Being stealthy and speedy are important in fly fishing. Cast upstream – usually the fish are waiting for something to float downstream and will have their backs to you – so to speak. It’s also important to keep your shadow away from places they may be hiding. They didn’t get to be this big without being very cautious of big shadows.

The trout will generally bite at the first sign of food coming over the rocks. They “lay in wait” for food. Try the Ant Fly lure. If they don’t strike immediately, move to a different spot and come back later. The Elk Hair Caddis is another great lure that will become your best friend. Remember, certain streams and locations require barbless hooks; so be sure to check out the rules by visiting the state’s website New Mexico Rules and Regulations regarding fishing.

Another great spot in the stream is where the water “funnels” on its descent downstream. With the funneling of water also comes the funneling of food…..and fish know that.

The center of the main current is good as well – for all the same reasons.

Now that we have picked our favorite fly, we recommend the Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo. This unit will let beginners “get their feet wet” on a budget. Those offer medium to fast action for the short to midrange casting – is generally where beginners feel more comfortable.

On the Ice

A young fisherman, Landon Faust, age 13, from Loranger, La, has taught us a few things recently about ice fishing on Eagle Nest Lake. O.K., we know there is no ice in Louisiana but he knows a thing or two about the subject and this lake. “No fish is worth dying for…..Make sure the ice is thick.” he says, adding, “Tip up fishing can keep you from constantly tugging on the line to see if anything is there. The flag will raise on the ‘tip up’ when there is a fish on the line. This let’s you fish several holes at once.” Oh to be so smart at 13. Yes, we do start our fishermen young. When fishing Eagle Nest Lake, keep all the Northern Pikes you can catch – no restrictions on quantity or size.

After a day in, on, or near the water, head on back into Red River to Brett’s Bistro for Prime Rib, Ribeye, or Fried Catfish that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Settle in to a cabin, throw that gear on the floor, and enjoy a hot shower to warm your toes and anything else that may have gotten a bit chilly.

5 Best-Kept Secret Fishing Spots in Red River

Fishing Spots


Wherever you choose to fish in the rivers, streams or closed waters around Red River, N.M. you will be catching, not just fishing. The streams are stocked with mostly Rainbow Trout. However, there are Brook and Brown Trout just taunting you to try them. Red River Angler and Sport can guide you to where you need to be for your best catch. We suspect there will be a few fish-tales being told.  New Mexico Department of Game and Fish promote conservation of certain native species: the Gila Trout and the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout. Those must be released back. For a weekly updated report, visit Weekly Fishing and Stocking Report.

Red River Fishing Tip #5

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish govern what, where and how many fish you can bag. Our Game Wardens get bored from time to time with nothing to do…..we like to keep it that way. So it’s always advisable to follow the rules. That’s just another way you can enjoy your catch! As always, please remember to carry out what you carry in. Fishing Permits can be purchased right here in Red River at Williams Trading Post and Hardware. Children under the age of 12 do not require a license. We like to get our kids “hooked” on fishing early in life.

Red River Fishing Tip #4

Red River from its confluence with Goose Creek 1.1. miles upstream to the Carson National Forest boundary is the “Green Chile Water”  It means that there are certain tackle restrictions: only artificial fly or lure with a single, barbless hook can be used. You can catch cutthroat, rainbow, brown trout in that area.

Bitter Creek, Goose Creek, and Pioneer Creek are small tributaries that feed into the Red River. Cutthroat, and Rainbow Trout can be found here.  A little farther downstream is the Columbine Creek, a “Red Chile Water” (meaning catch and release),  Red River below Fawn Lakes, and Goose Lake offer an abundance of great fishing of Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Brown Trout.  Under the bridges and around bushes in the river through town is another great place to have some serious fun catching fish. All fishing is open in town unless otherwise marked.

Red River Fishing Tip #3

If stream fishing is not to your liking, the Town Ponds are stocked with Rainbow trout. Goose Lake up river from Goose Creek has Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. Fawn Lakes, just 2 miles downstream from town, has Rainbow and Brown Trout. There’s plenty of fish and good eatin’ to be had here!

Red River Fishing Trip #2

Less than 20 miles down the road is Eagle Nest Lake. It is stocked and open for year round fishing. The Kokanee Salmon, a land-locked Sockeye Salmon, love the colder deep waters of the lake. Eagles Nest Lake’s 2400 acres and is open for boating and fishing (catching) and is home to, not only the Kokanee Salmon, but to several species of trout, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, common carp, white sucker, channel catfish, sunfish and the northern pike. In the winter, many love to come to Eagle Nest for a little bit of ice fishing. Ice fishing isn’t just reserved to Alaska seekers, but to us in the Enchanted Circle as well.

Once you are ready to enjoy your catch, head on down to Der Markt Food Store. They have all you need to prepare that feast. For the record, we at Reservations Unlimited can eat trout three times a day, just in case you needed to know or have leftovers.

Red River Fishing Trip #1

No. 1 on our list of The Best Way to Enjoy your Red River Catch is simply by being here. You will have spent your time with us in Red River enjoying the mountains, streams, lakes, restaurants and accommodations in our little mountain town. You can take home fishing stories as big as you want to tell and you won’t have to make them up.

There’s No Summer Vacation Like a Red River Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in Red River


MISSING – SNOW – last seen running down the Red River toward the Rio Grande.

Followed by:  SUMMERTIME FUN, Pleasant days and cool nights and lots to see and do.

Winter is gone!  Get out the hiking boots and shorts and pack away your snowshoes and ski boots.The Summertime Fun in Red River has officially begun!

We always love to share Nature with our guests. Red River Community House offers Free Guided Hiking Tours around Red River for all ages beginning June 10, 2019 and running through the summer. You can take a different tour every day except Sunday and Wednesday. But, don’t you worry –  we can fill those days with things to do as well.

EXPLORE NATURE DISCOVERY CAMP has two sessions beginning June 17 for children to learn and participate in Nature. When we say we are kid-friendly, we really mean it. All hikes, programs, camps for children, and guided tours for adults and children are FREE through the generosity of Amanda Pierce Nature Fund. A donation is appreciated by not required. The kids can become a Red River Ranger, complete with Official Certificate and recognition. Just make sure you register in time to get your little ones signed up for a spot. Seats are limited in the Discovery Camps. Make your cabin reservations so that it coincides with the programs.

MOVIES IN THE MOUNTAINS is another FREE event to our guests in Red River. Every Wednesday night around about the time the sun goes down, we’ll show a family movie on the Big Screen at the Community Center. We even provide the blankets and chairs or you can bring your own. What better way to enjoy an outdoor movie on the lawn than with the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Bring the LITTLE ONES TO BUILD THEIR OWN BOAT and race it down the river every Wednesday and Saturday. Supplies and adult supervision (our version of boat building experts) are provided. Children get to build, name and race their own boat. Another Free activity here at the Red River Community House.

Check out all the free activities, adults and kids, for SUMMERTIME FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Tackle the rapids of the Rio Grande for ½ day or full day of CLASS I-III WHITE WATER RAFTING in Pilar Canyon. This is not for the “faint of heart”. Prepare to get wet. Remember, the Rio Grande is melted snow. It might be a bit chilly even in the heart of the summer! Take a waterproof camera, but we doubt you’ll have time to use it!

HORSES! HORSES! HORSES! Take a ride on a sure-footed creature that will take you into the Carson National Forest and Valle Vidal, (Valley of Life) for an incredible western-style journey.  Valle Vidal is full of wildlife and has a rich history. You may hear a story or two from your guide along the trail. Some you can believe, some you might question. But don’t worry about getting back – if your guide doesn’t know the way, the horses do.

If you prefer your mode of transportation to be powered by gasoline rather than oats and hay, tour the mountains around Red River on 4×4 JEEPS OR ATVs. Guided tours or Jeep Rental is available for your bone-jarring fun.

Hidden Treasure Aerial Park, Pioneer Corridor Adventure; tubing down Goldrush Hill (we don’t leaving tubing just to the snow); all await you at RED RIVER SKI AND SUMMER AREA. Don’t forget to stop by Reservations Unlimited‘s Office on Main Street for some other tips on things to see and do.

After a day of fun, enjoy a crisp night under warm blankets at DOUBLE DOG INN suite for two, or THE BEARS DEN, for up to 12 of your fun-seeking family and friends. Get a good night’s sleep…..we have more in store for you during your stay with us.

How to Survive the Car Ride to Red River


The anticipation of what awaits you in Red River can make a short car ride feel like it is taking FOREVER!!  But, whether you travel by 2 or 4 wheels or more, the fun of your journey has already begun.

Driving in From Texas, Oklahoma and other neighboring states

The car-drive in from Texas, Oklahoma, or anywhere that involves a long car ride can be an experience that your children will remember for a lifetime. But having children seated in a car for long periods of time can be challenging. As we all know the iPad is often a go-to item for entertainment; however, there are many other great “unplugged” ideas. Audiobooks, reading, and healthy snacks are just some of the ways to keep parents from saying, “Don’t make me stop the car.”

New Mexico Visitors

For those flying in, Red River is about a 3-hour drive from Albuquerque International Sunport, (That’s what they call their airport down there), the 177-mile journey to Red River via I-25 begins with a drive through wide open plains on the way to Santa Fe. This route will give you views for miles and miles. You might even see an occasional tumbleweed or antelope. But the mountains in the distance will seem clearer with each mile and they beckon you to come explore their beauty and the adventures they hold in store in Red River, NM.

If the kids get bored in the car, try a game to get them off the iPad. Have them name the things they may see along the way – antelope, elk, snake (ewe!), or license plates.

If the backroads are more to your liking, take I-40 East to the Turquoise Trail, NM Highway 14 to Santa Fe. It’s the same distance to Red River via this route. But it takes you off the major highways and into “The Road Less Traveled”. This route takes you through Stagecoach Pass, the ghost town of Golden, the village of Madrid, and Cerrillos, NM, all on the way to Santa Fe. Whoever said that the car ride is half the fun of getting somewhere, must have traveled this route to Red River.

Once north of Sante Fe, begin your ascent into the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a subrange of the Rocky Mountains. Sangre de Cristo Mountains is where we call home.

Enjoy the Enchanted Circle

No matter when you may be driving from, all roads lead to the mountain roads with incredible views, Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico, cool breezes in the car, or on your motorcycle, and the ride on any part of the Enchanted Circle is a destination in itself. And you can only get to Red River by some part of that circle. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll know why it’s called the Enchanted Circle.

Arrive in Red River NM

When you arrive – we consider ourselves the “Pot-o-Gold at the end of the 177 mile Rainbow” –  you will enjoy a small town with big hospitality – and fun. You’ll see why we came and never left.

Start your day with a 3-egg omelet with all the trimmings to fuel your day at Yesterday’s Diner. Some folks call it a Denver Omelet for reasons we don’t understand  – we call it the Tipsy Tail. That should get you ready for hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding or site seeing.

We recommend the Hidden Treasure Aerial Park for the thrill seekers as well as Pioneer Flyer that will have you soaring along at 35 miles per hour on the zipline. If you are not holding on for dear life, make sure to take a few pictures on the way down.

Tank up during the evening at Sundance Mexican Restaurant on High Street for a Carne Adovada Burrito or Open-Face Enchilada. They have a great selection on the Kids Menu too.  Then settle in for an evening of entertainment and drinks at Bull o’the Woods Saloon with the locals.

Except for the saloons in town, there is plenty for the kiddos to do in Red River too. We are a kid-friendly town. Be sure to stop by the Reservations Unlimited office for some other great tips on things to do and see while you are here.


Your Red River Vacation begins well before you get here. You won’t be bored on the ride and you won’t be bored when you get here. We will make sure of that.

So sit back and enjoy….we will be waiting for you.

Did Someone Say Snow – Why We Love Snow


Bears hibernate. WE don’t!

We come out to play in the snow. And snow we have!!! Annual snowfall in Red River is 162 inches. That’s enough to bury the bears for a while but not us!

Certain things are just meant to be enjoyed – Snow. Our most favorite winter sport: Alpine Skiing….and snowboarding….and cross country skiing……and tubing….and snowmobiling…..and 4-wheeling…..and settling in for a long winter’s hike. (You thought I was going to say “sleep”, didn’t you?)

Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing

Beginning December 14, 2018, the slopes of the Red River Ski Area are open 7 days a week. There are plenty of lifts and trails waiting for you. With that much natural snow you are almost guaranteed great skiing! But if Mother Nature fails to deliver, (162 inches says that’s not likely) we have the most powerful snow making equipment in the whole state. Yes, we love our snow. It’s also pretty likely you will have a White Christmas, New Year’s Eve and all of January, February and most of March.

Cross Country Skiing

Just a short 3 miles east of Red River is the Enchanted Forest Cross County Ski Area. No need to bring your own equipment. You can rent your cross country skis on site for a 20 mile trek; or rent snowshoes for a 9.3 mile trek through the forest. We can also accommodate smaller humans with Child Pulk Rentals. They get to enjoy the great outdoors, too! Packages, including lessons, are available for a great time outdoors.


Red River Skiing


Beginning December 6 and ending March 24, our Guided Snowshoe Tour Package will take you into the nearby wilderness for spectacular back country views and the quiet serenity of the forest. If you haven’t had a chance to do this, we highly recommend it. It is so peaceful out there that you can hear the snow fall! Of course, we and the snow promise not to disturb the bears. Several time slots throughout the day are available for the 2 1/2 mile “easy to moderate” trip. Pick a time and we will have you back to Red River in time for dinner.


Red River Tour


Bring your Critters

If your best friend is of the Canine persuasion, bring him or her along. We have over 3 miles of trails for dogs, too! Just remember, if he or she deposits anything, please pick it up….the deposit…..not the dog.

As for me, I’ll be spending the winter on the slopes getting into shape for the Just Desserts Eat and Ski Day. Like a bear, I need the extra calories – sort of. I just have to decide if I’ll ski or snowshoe. It will probably be which ever one gets me to the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie on Hill #9 the quickest.


Red River


Come see why we love our snow so much. Oh, and for that long winter’s night sleep we didn’t mention……we have that too!

P.S. You should see the way we do Summer!

Christmas in Red River NM


Looking for a White Christmas? Red River, NM is a small town with BIG snow – we make sure of that! We are all dolled up and excited about Christmas in Northern New Mexico. Who wouldn’t want to be here this time of year? Red River is nestled in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Taos County, just 2 hours north of Santa Fe.


……Compliments of Mother Nature, or our powerful snow makers. We don’t want to brag, but we have the most powerful snow making system in the state. Either way, the slopes are ready for your visit at Red River Summer and Ski Area. Enjoy a Slinky for breakfast at Yesterday’s Diner downtown, then hit the slopes anytime after 9 a.m. You can ski or snowboard down the slopes right into town later in the day for a hot chocolate or a big lunch. Then hit the slopes again. Once the slopes close for skiing and snowboarding for the day, you can tube down the slopes as well! All paths lead to Red River!

Snow Coach Dinner Tour

After a day of skiing, or sight-seeing, you can enjoy a scenic ride in our heated Snow Coach for dinner. You and 8-11 other people will be transported to the Tip Restaurant where Chef Kai will prepare your four course meal of Rubbed Ribeye Steak, Poached Salmon or Fried Chicken with all the trimmings. After dinner, waddle back to the coach for the ride down the mountain that will give you a spectacular view of our town. Then your can be back to your cozy warm fireplace where you can settle in for a long winter’s sleep.

Christmas Eve’s Eve

After dark on December 23, (and actually every Saturday night in Ski Season), the slopes will be lighted only by hand-held torches carried by our ski patrol, instructors, and other downhill skiers. This 45 year old tradition, Torchlight and Fireworks Parade, culminates in Fireworks that light the sky over our beautiful mountain town we call home. You don’t have to be on the slopes to enjoy this – it can be seen from almost anywhere in town. If you miss it, and we hope you don’t, stay around until Saturday when we do it again. Yes….we like traditions.

Christmas Eve

Traditions……and Heritage. An hour’s drive to the south of Red River, The Taso Pueblo hosts Procession of the Virgin Mary. Families light bonfires and six townsmen carry a dais, or throne, that holds the Statue of the Virgin Mary. This is a solemn event you are welcome to witness. Warm yourself by the fires with the residents and enjoy the reason we celebrate Christmas. Because of it’s sacred culture, please, no cameras or videos.

Christmas Night

Our mountains will be glowing on Christmas Night as we proudly show our love of “All Things Beautiful” – Christmas Luminaria Tour (pictured below). At dark, our residents light the town and almost 2 miles of the Enchanted Cross Country Ski Area with candles in paper bags. That’s a monumental task, but we love to share our most treasured Christmas event. The luminaries adorn the streets, homes, businesses, and sidewalks. It’s a most spectacular sight you won’t see just anywhere.


Luminaria Tour


Yes, we have all that – and more! Why not leave the hectic shopping and crowded malls to others this year, join us and see for yourself. Where else can you go to enjoy skiing, mountains glowing, Pueblo Tradition, and a Snow Coach ride all on your Christmas break.

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Why Folks Spend Thanksgiving in Red River, NM

Thanksgiving in Red River


What’s not to love about spending Thanksgiving with us? Late November in Red River, NM offers beautiful scenery, lots of outdoor activities, the beginning of ski season, and even a little Christmas fun for the kiddos.

Food and Spirits

Since ski season starts on November 21, all restaurants and grocery stores are open during regular hours on Thanksgiving so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own food or asking a neighbor for a leftover turkey leg. Also open is the abundant nightlife in downtown. Local breweries will be open and pouring for your pleasure.

Red River Brewery

Snow Skiing and Tubing

If winter sports are your passion, begin your holiday on November 20 with Winter Tubing Opening Day. Enjoy the entire weekend tubing or enjoy Alpine Skiing Opening Day on November 21.  Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Red River Ski Area offers the Frozen Turkey Race for kids of all ages. Who wouldn’t want to ride a frozen turkey down a hill for prizes? We are not sure how to practice for this event, but it will be fun. Saturday, the 24th starts with the 7th Annual Thanksjibbing Rail Jam. Of course, all these events are dependent on Mother Nature, so what the Ski Area’s social for regular updates.

Red River Skiing


Regardless of weather, Hiking trails for beginners or someone who likes to take a bit of a physical challenge will provide great fun for the whole family. Trails range from an easy ¼ mile to a difficult climb of 10 miles to an elevation of 13,000 feet.  Self-Guided Off-Road Trails via 4-wheelers are a great way to see why we love the area so much. Just remember – Off-road vehicles are not licensed for street/road driving. We want you to love it here as much as we do, so, enjoy the many mountain trails for a new perspective on our little mountain town. Remember to carry out what you carry in.


The Red River is the largest tributary to the Rio Grande.  For the fly fishermen who might want to “catch” Thanksgiving dinner in the streams around Red River, fall is the time when brown trout spawn. (Appropriate license required.)  We hope you have the best of luck. But just in case, remember the restaurants and grocery stores are open if your cast comes up empty.


If you prefer your Thanksgiving holiday to be sightseeing, The Enchanted Circle is an 84 mile loop encompassing Wheeler Peak, the highest natural point in the state of New Mexico at 13,159 feet.  Beginning at your cabin in Red River, The Enchanted Circle takes you through the quaint and historic towns of Eagle Nest, Angel Fire, Taos, Taos Ski Valley and Questa. The loop will take you back to Red River.

Taos County, home to Red River, hosts 41 sites on the National Registry of Historic Places. Red River itself proudly hosts the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum and four others on the National Registry.  Along your trip, stop by and visit the Native American Pueblos of Taos for a history lesson in really-early America.


Right on time to get you in the spirit of the Christmas Season, “Switch On The Holidays” begins at 7 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day at Brandenburg Park and Conference Center in downtown. The lighting of the Christmas Tree, caroling, cookies, cocoa and a visit from someone that will certainly get the kiddos on their best behavior –   Mr. Claus.

Enjoying a few days with us is just a click away. Join us to help celebrate Thanksgiving in our little part of the planet. You will leave wanting more.

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3 Reasons Why Visitors Love Oktoberfest in Red River NM

“Willkommen Alle” zum Oktoberfest!!

Red River Oktoberfest

That’s “Welcome, Ya’ll”!

There are no visitors in Red River… are all family and we welcome you to our little part of the world to help us celebrate Oktoberfest in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico.  If there is one thing Red River, N.M. knows how to do is throw a party for our friends.

German families settled here in the 1800s and some descendents are still here today. They brought a favorite custom – Oktoberfest! which we proudly celebrate and share with our guests. Located at Brandenburg Park, in downtown, the Fest is a three day family friendly event from October 5 -7 with entertainment for the kids, live music, yodeling contests, Polka Dance, bier, food, bier, wine, bier, chicken dance, and, bier and wine. Did I mention bier? While you are here, might as well wax the mustache, comb the beard and enter the Best Beard and Mustache Contest. Come on guys – we know you want to.

Continue reading…

The Ups and Downs of Hunting in Northern New Mexico

The Ups and Downs of Hunting in Northern New Mexico

Let me begin by saying, “There are NO downs.” The mountains of the Enchanted Circle offer plenty of game for all hunters; and, as an added bonus, it offers some of the most incredible sceneries we have here in the United States.  You might find you will be tempted to shoot more with your camera.

As with any hunting excursion, licenses are required and restricted by New Mexico Game and Fish. Whether big game or upland game (non-waterfowl such as turkey, quail, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, prairie chicken, chukar, grey partridge), the fines and/or jail time for even one illegal kill can be staggering. (I could probably tell you how I know this, but I’ll just leave this to your imagination.) Make sure your permit matches your kill.  

Private or Public Hunting

Hunting on private land requires permission from the land owner in conjunction with appropriate game license.  If you are hunting on private land, be mindful that some landowners are landlocked by Public Land. Make sure you stay in the designated hunting area as provided by the permit you hold.  (Another lesson learned the hard way.) Bureau of Land Management  (BLM) or Forest Service land is clearly marked.

Some private landowners offer field dress, processing and packaging of your kill. However, if you are on BLM or Forest Service land, you will be on your own for finding ways to make that happen. As you plan your trip, ask what might be available.

If you are planning to hunt on BLM or Forest Service land, you will also need a “Habitat Stamp” with your permit. Habitat Stamp currently cost $5 per hunter. That money is then used to help keep wildlife habitats healthy for future hunters. That is money well spent.

Another word of advise: If you have a 10 day excursion planned and make your allotted kill on the first day, you will be sitting around for the remainder of your stay. Hold out for your most challenging game. It will be so much more rewarding for you. Lessons….lessons….lessons…Weather

With average low temperatures from October to December in the teens, (that’s cold enough for some folks to stay home and watch National Geographic – but not me), you definitely want to make sure you are protected from frost bite. As the old saying goes, “There are NO unimportant parts.” Other important items you absolutely need to make a successful hunt are orange vest, compass and binoculars.

Night Time

Red River is a town of only 480 full time residents. However, there are plenty of restaurants and nightlife for those that still have the energy after a day in the mountains and want to celebrate their game. Finally, a nice warm bed at night, perhaps a hot tub or a hot drink, will help you relax, reminisce about your day and tell your hunting stories. This is a lesson I gladly learned – the easy way.  Happy Hunting!

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Top Fishing Lakes in Northern New Mexico

Top Fishing Lakes in Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico is teaming with a multitude of fish species. If you’ve been dying to break out your fishing rods, you need to know exactly which lakes have the best fishing available. The good news is that the rivers feed some of the most active lakes in the region, and you can take advantage to explore some great bass, salmon and pike fishing. Here are our five favorite lakes for fishing in New Mexico:

Navajo Lake State Park

Navajo Lake State Park is easily accessible and is home to many different kinds of fish. Most notably, you can catch both brown and rainbow trout, salmon, catfish, bass, and even bluegill. While the dam and marina attract thousands of people every year to this gorgeous outdoor escape, there is plenty of room to find a private fishing spot away from the crowds. While you’re here, you can even explore a little ways up the San Juan River, which is well known for its trout.

Heron Lake

Heron Lake is home to some truly legendary fish. They boast of having 20-lb trout in the waters, and many anglers head to this lake to see if they can get one for themselves. Of course, catching a 20-lb fish requires more than your average skillset, so this is really for those who are dedicated to mastery of the craft, and those willing to invest in the proper equipment to catch such a fish. Of course, the home is also home to a variety of other fish like black and white trout as well.

El Vado Lake

When you head to El Vado Lake, you really get more than you bargained for. While El Vado Lake itself is full of trout and salmon, it is also central to a number of smaller lakes and tributaries in the area. If you are willing to go on a bit of an adventure, you can explore some of these hidden fishing holes to discover a wealth of fishing opportunities.

Eagle Nest Lake

Eagle Nest Lake is a favorite destination for fishing throughout the year. The unique mountainous atmosphere allows the lake to freeze over in the winter months. At this time, you can head out to do some incredible ice fishing for enormous rainbow trout. During the summer, you can also enjoy this area thanks to the elevation which keeps things cool and comfortable while you’re out on the water enjoying the views and the adventures of fishing.

Springer Lake

Fishing in New Mexico would not be complete without checking out Springer Lake. This lake is known for its Northern pike population in particular. It is also located relatively close to a wildlife refuge that feeds the area with perch and several other fish species. If you are going for a variety in your fishing experience, Springer Lake is a stop you have to make.

The time is now to start packing for fishing in New Mexico. These five lakes offer some of the most exciting fishing in the Northern New Mexico region, and you will have tons of fun exploring all the different fishing environments that exist as you cross through the area. From man-made dams to secret mountain fishing holes, there is plenty for you to enjoy. Contact Reservations Unlimited today to plan your trip and learn about guided trips to all of our great lakes.

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