5 Reasons Couples Pick Red River for Their Mountain Wedding

Mountain Wedding


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. It’s a big event in your life and it needs a special celebration. The town of Red River offers some great venues for all the activities leading up to your celebration, including “The Big Day.” This will be a wedding like none other. Red River, NM has the flowers, caterer, music, cake, venue and an amazing backdrop for your special day!

The Scenery is Unbeatable

Red River is known for its beauty and breathtaking views. Imagine saying “I do” on top of the mountain at one of our properties with the mountain or river in the background, or next to the river so you hear the subtle sounds of the water flowing downstream. Depending on how big your ceremony is or how creative you want to be, the choices are limitless!

Some of the amazing things our wedding parties that have stayed with us have enjoyed are a toast at the Brass Rail, a private lift up to the top of the mountain to tie the knot, or agreeing to be one another’s one and only by the entrance of the covered bridge that crosses our peaceful river.

There’s Plenty To Do Both Day and Night

Red River Brewing Company, winner of the 2018-19 New Mexico’s Brewer of the Year Award, can quench your thirst. My personal favorite, Campfire Cream Ale, also won first place in the Sante Fe Open Brewing Competition. Twelve beers are on tap at any given time, and one very special root beer is available for the kiddos. Red River IS a kid-friendly town, and we are proud to say we like it that way.

Need something that is more active? How about a day of excitement and challenges at the local aerial park? This maze of ziplining, climbing and careful maneuvering should be plenty of fun for almost everyone on the list. We have found that many who elope in our mountain playground love to do this after they say “I do” to show they will follow one another anywhere they go – including a nice climb up a few breathtaking feet.  

Wedding Planning is a Breeze

KWK Events can arrange for your simple elopement or a larger guest list. Red River Conference Center can host up to 700 of your family and friends. Pick up your marriage license in Taos, N.M., the county seat, on your way. Taos is in the Enchanted Circle just 36 miles from Red River. Remember to return the signed documents back to the Clerk of Courts Office at the county seat once the ceremony is complete. That will make it official.

Whether you want to pre-celebrate with a private wine tasting, art demos or a guided horseback tour, KWK will be sure to have the connections to make it happen.

Family-Friendly Wedding Atmosphere

If your celebrations need to be low key and family friendly, some of our properties are designated for special occasions like your special day. The local event planner, KWK Events, can ensure what you need is supplied at the location of your choice, including a dancing area for guests to get down and boogie to your favorite tunes.

Plenty of Venues for Both Big and Small Celebrations

An outside wedding is perfect most of the year. Cracker Jack Crest offers a beautiful mountain backdrop for your outside wedding. If you prefer to get married on horseback, or have your knight in shining armour arrive on horseback (we can’t promise a white stallion), or get married in the snow-coach; all that can happen here too! Anywhere in the 84-mile Enchanted Circle can be the venue for your special day. You can dance the night away at the banks of the Red River right in town and walk to your honeymoon suite.

Imagine a romantic cottage in the woods for you and your betrothed, or a whole city block for your guests to await your arrival. Just pick out the dress or attire, the date, and, of course, your companion for life, and come on to the beautiful mountains of the Enchanted Circle. We’re called Enchanted for a reason. The magic and beauty of the mountains will offer wonderful wedding picture settings and memories you will cherish for a lifetime together. You don’t even have to leave to have your honeymoon! Red River is making its way into the world of destination wedding places for a reason.

Married and honeymoon…..all in one glorious place – Red River, New Mexico.

Why Red River is a Fairytale Setting for Your Wedding

Fairytale Wedding

The town of Red River congratulates you on your upcoming wedding. It’s a big event in your life and your own unique style can be displayed right here for your lifetime wedding. Imagine the brisk mountain breeze blowing through your hair, the view from the mountain tops, or the tranquil sounds of the Red River for your backdrop. A mountain wedding venue can be yours in beautiful Red River.

With the relaxing atmosphere, the thought of pre-wedding jitters won’t happen here. We have too much to keep you focused on during your special time. Imagine all the fun and memories you will make here with your friends that came with you –  and some new ones you are likely to meet as well. Your go-to lodging in Red River has partnered with KWK Events planning and they will make sure everything goes perfectly for your fairytale wedding.

Pre-Wedding Events are Memorable in Red River

A variety of venues around town are available for the wedding rehearsal dinners. The two restaurants that are at the top of our list for rehearsal dinners would be Capo’s and Sundance. Capo’s has a great location! They are located at the base of the mountain near the platinum chair.  Might I suggest their Bona Mangiata, it is bursting with flavor! After having an amazing meal and practicing what you plan on saying at the actual reception, take a moment and grab a few pics with the river as your perfect backdrop. If you’re not in the mood for pictures, then just take in the sounds of the river next to the delicious aromas coming from Capo’s kitchen.

If you want something with less foot traffic, then you will want to check out Sundance on High Street. It’s just down the road from Williams Trading Post and Hardware. In my humble opinion, they make some of the best fajitas in the entire state of New Mexico!!!!  

Just remember if you are having a large party, you will need to contact these restaurants in advance so they can be sure to accommodate your party.

Back in Red River, a bachelor party at The Bull o’ the Woods will give you a send-off into matrimony in Red River style. For the ladies, no bachelorette party would be complete without a trip to The Motherlode Saloon. Since everything is in walking distance, you could do a pub crawl (sorry, no drinking on the streets) from here to Red River Brewing Company, and back to Double Dog Inn before your self-appointed curfew.

If you’re not interested in a wild night with brews and brods, how about taking your wedding party fishing for the day or to Hidden Treasure Aerial Park for an afternoon of outdoor adventure? Your future nuptials will be an adventure as you join as one, so start off by seeking new heights before or after you say “I do.” Either way, your moments together will be breathtaking.  

The Big Event

Red River Conference Center is available for 10-700 people. If you prefer, KWK Events can arrange everything for you and your party right down to the groom’s boutonniere, the bride’s flowers, the minister or officiant, flowers, photography, catering and the cake… everything except the spouse… that you have to provide yourself!

Depending on the size of your party and guest list, The Double Dog Inn can house everyone in one place as well as other properties we have that are I Do friendly. What a great way to celebrate your special day all in one place with friends and family.

Whether you plan on having a quiet and intimate celebration at one of our designated properties, or a larger celebration at one of our mountain retreats like Casa Contenta, we are sure the memories you will make on your special day in Red River will be the memories of a lifetime.

Please be mindful that these are just the tip of the mountain ideas. We are great at helping you find the right rental, but when it comes to planning every detail and bringing your ideas to life, those kinds of tasks we leave up to the wedding professional; our pal Karen Kelly at KWK Events.

So grab the future Mr. or Mrs. and start planning your memorable mountain wedding.

How to Vacation Like a Local in Red River

Red River NM

Welcome to the most popular one-square mile in the New Mexico Sangre de Cristo mountains. It’s easy to see why the locals always have stay-cations and not vacations. Even we don’t want to leave. And it’s easy to get to know everyone here in a short time in a place where only 477 people live, work and play in that one square mile.

We may be small but we do everything in a big way –  like an average of 168 inches of snow per year; and, we are host to the highest point in New Mexico. We can’t really take full credit for that but some of the locals might try. It’s also really easy to fit in around here: you must enjoy good food, good friends, family-friendly events and the great outdoors.

Be sure to stop by The Grill at Lift House and say hello to Rooster. He’s a bartender – not a real rooster. We don’t really allow animals in the lift house unless it’s on a plate with a side salad and a cold one. But Rooster will serve you up a tall drink and a tall story or two about what goes on around here. There are definitely some things he will share with you and some he will not. He’ll be happy to tell you about Torchlight Parade and Fireworks, a winter event you don’t want to miss.

Winter in Red River, NM

Once you are out of the Lift House and on the slopes, there are 67 trails and 7 lifts open at any given time during ski season. Skiing and tubing are two of the many ways we have fun. Closing day for both is March 24, 2019. Until then, enjoy the skiing, cross country skiing, tubing and, of course, Torchlight Parade and Fireworks every Saturday Night. Then we put away our skis for a while and get out our hiking boots.

Spring, Summer, and Fall in Red River, NM

We bath the horses; make sure the Off Road Vehicles are fueled and ready to go, and pump up the rafts for your Class I-III rapids and some Class III-IV rapids. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime on the horses, the ATVs, or the rafts.

We have plenty of sites, hikes, and several other modes of transportation: mountain bikes, surrey bikes, and off-road vehicles all are waiting for you (or you can bring your own of course) from Spring through late Fall. Take the Bitter Creek Mountain Trail on horseback with the family; if you prefer your transportation with a motor, Red River Mountain Adventures has some great 4×4 trails and the equipment to get you there and back.

All 477 residents have some role to play here. But we don’t work all the time. On any given day, you might see your waiter from the night before on the slopes or out on the trail to the top Wheeler Peak – 13,157 ft. altitude without the attitude. Der Markt Food Store has everything you need to fuel the body for the hike. If you prefer, Capos can fill you up on carbs and the much-needed homemade lasagna to aid you in your hike.

Why not spend a little time in our one-square mile.  Be sure to stop by Reservations Unlimited office on Main Street for some other local tips and tricks. By the end of your stay, you will actually belong to us. Red River has a way of taking possession of your heart and never letting go. You may leave here, but a part of you will always long to return.

Say Hello to Rooster for us!

4 Attractions Less Than 40 Miles From Red River You Don’t Want to Miss

4 Attractions Less Than 40 Miles from Red River


If we didn’t have to come inside once in a while to eat, we would stay outdoors all year long on the trails, on horses or skis, in boats, jeeps and ATVs. Number 1 on our list of things to see and do is at the center of The Enchanted Circle, Wheeler Peak. It is the highest point within the Carson National Forest at 13,159 feet. Our hiking trails to Wheeler Peak offer spectacular views, an abundance of wildlife, and, the trails are rated moderate to difficult.  Be especially careful around what we call “Rock Slide”……you’ll know it when you get there. Only a special few can make the trip to the peak. Those that do will be rewarded with 360 degree views. You will feel on top of the world – and, you will actually BE on top of New Mexico.

Other trails around the area range from easy to difficult. All are guaranteed to give you a thrill of a lifetime for the novice or expert hiker.  Just make sure you leave the area clean for other visitors. We are kind of fond of our mountains just the way they are.

Wheeler Peak Trails

Wheeler Peak Summit Trail 67 (Intermediate to Expert)

Horseshoe Lake/East Fork Trail 56 (Intermediate to Difficult)

Lost Lake Trail 91 (Intermediate to Difficult)

Wheeler Peak Trail 90 (Intermediate to Difficult)

Williams Lake Trail 62 (Easy to Intermediate)


Colin Neblett Wildlife Area

Touch-Me-Not Mountain in the Colin Neblett Wildlife Area is a great place to introduce little ones to hiking. An easy 4 mile round trip hike has views of Wheeler Peak and Moreno Valley below. Hunting, fly fishing, horseback riding all await you here just 28 miles from Red River.


Horseback Riding

You don’t even have to bring your own horse to enjoy our mountains. Red River Stables has horses geared and ready to hit the trails. Brutus, Geronimo, Daisy Mae, and Dixie are ready for Spring Break. Daisy Mae keeps the other horses in line – I got that straight from the horse’s mouth. They will take a short rest after Spring Break and be back ready for you on May 24 for the entire summer.

If you prefer to hit the trails on wheels, Bighorn Sports and Rentals is one of our many secrets. And the best part – you never have to leave Red River. Enjoy a 3 hour guided tour of the mountains surrounding Red River in a “Safari Truck”. Your guide knows all the cool spots in the mountains for you to enjoy. Disclaimer: Please keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. It’s not the best safari truck, but then again, you probably won’t get our best driver either. (That’s a joke folks, just want to make sure you are paying attention!) We will have you back in town by sundown….we are the old west, you know.

Of course, if you would rather fly-fish to catch rainbow trout rather than hike around them, the Upper Red River and Red River through town are stocked, compliments of “The Town of Red River,” the rest of the area is stocked by NM Department of Game and Fish. There aren’t that many flies in Red River, so the trout will actually fight for them. The big ones always win. Enjoy some fresh caught fish for your dinner and teach your kids how to fly fish. Appropriate licenses required and can be purchased in town. The river is mostly melted snow and spring fed so the water is a little nippy (45-60 degrees!) all year long.

We have many more secrets we want to share with you – so pay us a visit and let us show you.  You may not want to go inside during your stay, at least until you are all tuckered out from your daily adventure! Staying in Red River has never been easier and leaving may be harder than you think.

Why Millennials Are Picking Beautiful Red River for Spring Break

Red River Spring Break


You’ve worked for it… you’ve earned it – the kids’ exams are behind you and spring break is finally here! Cruising the beach had its day, but the beach scene is not exactly what you have in mind anymore. Red River offers family spring breakers some things you won’t find on the beach, and a few that you will.

March 2019

Downhill skiing and tubing are open for most of March. But unfortunately, it comes to an end on the 24th. So bring the kids and hit the slopes on the any of the dozens of trails. We have slopes for pros, amateurs and beginners. We hope that it will give you a taste of our town in winter, and that it will entice you to come back! We close our ski season with the Annual Pond Skim. Even without spring break, that’s an event worthy of seeing. You might call it our own version of water skiing.

If you prefer to hit the slopes alone, drop the kids off at Buckaroo Day Care. We do ask that you pick them up at your appointed time… we are a family-friendly town, but we will put them to work if we have to.

Every Saturday night promptly at 7 p.m. during ski season is the Torchlight and Fireworks Parade down the mountain. A beautiful site to see. Then hit The Bull of the Woods for some grub and locally brewed beer while enjoying live music.

Mardi Gras

Yes, Mardi Gras in Red River. Our Mardi Gras mountain madness begins on February 28 and continues through March 5.  Don’t miss out on this event if your kiddos’ spring break coincides with our mountain version of this famous New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration – and we hope it does. Enjoy six days of cajun food, music from the bayou, parades and fun-filled surprises for all ages.

But if you do crave the beach, we offer you “Beach Weeks.” We celebrate the beach with a twist of mountain humor from March 10 through the 24. Beach attire takes over the scene both on the slopes and in town. Get your bikinis, sandals, shorts, Ts, and your appetite ready for a tropical party in Red River. We promise to deliver music and drinks to fit the occasion.

Pop into Red River Trading Company, Bobcat’s Gift Shop, or Main Street Mercantile – all on Main Street – for some shopping that won’t likely include seashells and sand dollars. You will find some pretty unique gifts to show the folks back home.

April 2019

If your spring break is in April, we have plenty for you.

As temperatures rise and the snow starts to melt, it’s the perfect time to take a scenic trek through nature. Hiking is great fun (and great exercise without even knowing you are doing it). Some of the best trails in northern New Mexico are right here in Red River. Easy, moderate or difficult trails all await you. Most trails are the perfect length which can have you back in town by nightfall in your nice warm bed. The hike to Wheeler Peak at the heart of The Enchanted Circle, however, is 16 miles round-trip with elevations beginning at 10,000 ft climbing to over 13,000 feet. We only recommend this trip for the experienced mountain hikers.

Off Roading

“Where the Pavement Ends, The Fun Begins”. Off-road adventure can be enjoyed any time – winter, summer, fall and spring break! Take a tour to the mountains around Red River in a guided tour on a SnowCat. If you prefer to strike out on your own, with your own ATV or rental, you can do that too! Once you do, you will wonder why you ever went to the beach. Just remember, ATVs are not allowed on Main Street.

While other kids return to class tired and not feeling great due to sunburns and jellyfish stings or because they encountered a pop-pop, you can return refreshed and ready to finish the task at hand – another few months of school and activities, and then summer is here! Red River is the best kept secret for spring break.  You might enjoy it so much, you just might have to do it all over again during this year’s summer break.

What to Expect at Mardi Gras in Red River

What to Expect at Mardi Gras in Red River


Yes, Mardi Gras in New Mexico. We bet you didn’t expect that!  New Orleans isn’t the only place to enjoy fun, food, frolic and great favor with the Mardi Gras spirit – Wild Tchoupitoulas (shop-a-too-lus).

Our 6 days of events kick off with the Krewe Crawl downtown to the point of The Burning of Tchoupitoulas. Bring your worries and troubles written on paper and lay at his feet so the fire can take them away and rid you of your troubles. Tchoupitoulas can handle it!

And so it begins – this year’s theme is “Beads and Bling – A Mardi Gras Thing”. Now that your troubles are gone, adorn yourself in beads, costumes or masks and enjoy live music, parades and contests throughout town. We are only one mile square so getting from one venue to another is easy!

Music, Parades and Fun Events For Everyone

Our events range from G-Rated, PG-Rated to R-Rated. Choose the events that suits your style. Red River is known for being kid-friendly. We have something for everyone. Enjoy family friendly events and parades with the little ones down Main Street presented by local krewes. Yell, “Throw me something, Mister!” and collect an array of beads and goodies. Kids costume contest and Gator Plunge will surely get them, and you, in the spirit of Carnival Season.

Some of the more adult-only events include the Drink Making Contest presented by the Krewes.  You may be chosen to be a Judge to vote which concoction you believe will please Wild Tchoupitoulas the most. (Even the non-winning drinks are really, really good. He wasn’t called Wild for nothing, you know.)

Music by Forest Huval and the Bon Temps, a Louisiana Native band, will have you hitting the dance floor with some Fais-do-do in Cajun and Zydeo Style of Music. Don’t worry that you might not know how…….we will gladly teach you. You will think you have magically been transported to the swamps, except for the possibility of snow-capped mountains in the background. Many other local bands will be playing throughout the 6 days and nights.

Watch and enjoy all of the events. If you prefer to be a part of a krewe, we welcome you to join one already in existence, or create your own! Gather a few friends, get a name for your Krewe and join the fun.  As part of a krewe, you can participate in the parades. Build your own float, play an instrument or simply join the parade and share some beads! You can also go to the Krewe Balls! Now you are rocking Mardi Gras – New Mexico style. You can’t do that in the Big Easy! So bring some beads and your ideas and let’s do Mardi Gras.


Real Cajun Food

Jambalaya, crawfish pie and filé (fee-lay) gumbo……it’s all likely to be here. You won’t want to miss the Cajun cooking contest. Sample them all and pick your favorite!

As each day comes to an end, you can Krewe Crawl back to your accommodations to repair for the next day’s fun.

You can certainly expect the unexpected here. So head our direction for Mardi Gras and –

“Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

in Red River, New Mexico. Wild Tchoupitoulas would certainly approve!

Christmas in Red River, New Mexico


Looking for a White Christmas? Red River, NM is a small town with BIG snow – we make sure of that! We are all dolled up and excited about Christmas in Northern New Mexico. Who wouldn’t want to be here this time of year? Red River is nestled in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Taos County, just 2 hours north of Santa Fe.


……Compliments of Mother Nature, or our powerful snow makers. We don’t want to brag, but we have the most powerful snow making system in the state. Either way, the slopes are ready for your visit at Red River Summer and Ski Area. Enjoy a Slinky for breakfast at Yesterday’s Diner downtown, then hit the slopes anytime after 9 a.m. You can ski or snowboard down the slopes right into town later in the day for a hot chocolate or a big lunch. Then hit the slopes again. Once the slopes close for skiing and snowboarding for the day, you can tube down the slopes as well! All paths lead to Red River!

Snow Coach Dinner Tour

After a day of skiing, or sight-seeing, you can enjoy a scenic ride in our heated Snow Coach for dinner. You and 8-11 other people will be transported to the Tip Restaurant where Chef Kai will prepare your four course meal of Rubbed Ribeye Steak, Poached Salmon or Fried Chicken with all the trimmings. After dinner, waddle back to the coach for the ride down the mountain that will give you a spectacular view of our town. Then your can be back to your cozy warm fireplace where you can settle in for a long winter’s sleep.

Christmas Eve’s Eve

After dark on December 23, (and actually every Saturday night in Ski Season), the slopes will be lighted only by hand-held torches carried by our ski patrol, instructors, and other downhill skiers. This 45 year old tradition, Torchlight and Fireworks Parade, culminates in Fireworks that light the sky over our beautiful mountain town we call home. You don’t have to be on the slopes to enjoy this – it can be seen from almost anywhere in town. If you miss it, and we hope you don’t, stay around until Saturday when we do it again. Yes….we like traditions.

Christmas Eve

Traditions……and Heritage. An hour’s drive to the south of Red River, The Taso Pueblo hosts Procession of the Virgin Mary. Families light bonfires and six townsmen carry a dais, or throne, that holds the Statue of the Virgin Mary. This is a solemn event you are welcome to witness. Warm yourself by the fires with the residents and enjoy the reason we celebrate Christmas. Because of it’s sacred culture, please, no cameras or videos.

Christmas Night

Our mountains will be glowing on Christmas Night as we proudly show our love of “All Things Beautiful” – Christmas Luminaria Tour (pictured below). At dark, our residents light the town and almost 2 miles of the Enchanted Cross Country Ski Area with candles in paper bags. That’s a monumental task, but we love to share our most treasured Christmas event. The luminaries adorn the streets, homes, businesses, and sidewalks. It’s a most spectacular sight you won’t see just anywhere.


Luminaria Tour


Yes, we have all that – and more! Why not leave the hectic shopping and crowded malls to others this year, join us and see for yourself. Where else can you go to enjoy skiing, mountains glowing, Pueblo Tradition, and a Snow Coach ride all on your Christmas break.

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Red River Events You Don't Want To Miss


Four Seasons – Yes, we got ‘em. Whether you plan your visit in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you can enjoy the best kept secret in our part of the world. We invite you to see why we came to visit then stayed a lifetime.


You are just in time to share our passion for winter sports in Red River. Snow Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, or Tubing; Guided Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) Tours, ATV rentals, and mountain biking trails offer great fun for the whole family.

Close your eyes and imagine spending a day on the slopes or jeeping in the mountains then enjoying a nice warm fire at night with a …..(insert your favorite drink here! We probably have that too). O.K. you can open your eyes now and continue reading – unless you have audio assistance.

Our Christmas Luminaria Ski/Snowshoe Tour is one of our most beautiful and humbling experiences. The city “lights” up with candles in paper bags at night around homes, streets and sidewalks for a unique perspective on Christmas Day. The lighting of an almost 2 mile stretch of the Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area with candles is a tradition we locals enjoy and we are sure you will too.

The Snow Coach Dinner is a once-in-a-lifetime event you will want to enjoy – more than once! The heated coach takes you to The Ski Tip Restaurant – elevation 10,350 ft – where Chef Kai will prepare you a unique dining experience. Your decent will allow you a look down upon the twinkling lights of Red River and your cozy place to rest for the night.

Our winters can be extended – Mother Nature makes that call. In February, we celebrate our own version of Mardi Gras, sometimes in the snow. We don’t want to brag, but New Orleans can’t say that.


Spring offers warmer days for the outside activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and horseback riding.

Our 37th Annual Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally will be held Memorial Day Weekend. If you love your motorcycle, join us for a fun filled weekend of live music, rides, leather and lace.


Warm summer days are great for white water rafting. Since the rivers in the area depend on the snow melt, we can assure you it will be chilly. But that adds to the thrill of it. The Class 4 rapids takes you through “Dead Texan Hole”, “The Rock Garden” and “Shark holes”. No real sharks, though, that’s just the name of the 90 ft drop in elevation in 1 mile. Hang on to your seats for this one. If you prefer a slower pace, we do have some nice calm Class 3 rapids in the area.

Carson National Forest, covering 5 million acres, is home to Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico. It offers horseback riding, hiking and biking. But remember, this is a national treasure. Please carry out what you carry in, and don’t feed the animals….we don’t want to spoil them.


While most other areas’ fall activities center around changing the clock back, we prefer something a little more exciting – Oktoberfest! An annual event held in Brandenburg Park allows our local breweries to show off their craft for your pleasure. Yodeling, Polka Music, Chicken Dance and activities for the kids are all packed in one weekend – in October!

These are just a few of the year round fun events in Red River. I can tell you more later. Right now I have to go get my skis down from their mount over the fireplace. Ski Season opens November 21, 2018 and I need to get them ready to hit the slopes!

See you on the slopes, the Coach Dinner Tour, Mardi Gras, the Bike Rally, the hiking trails, and Oktoberfest!

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Top 5 Things Beginners Need When Skiing in Red River, NM

Top 5 Things Beginners Need When Skiing in Red River, NM

Everyone who is considering skiing for the first time, young or not-so-young, has to start somewhere. Located in the Enchanted Circle, beginners, avid skiers and professionals of all ages will find the slopes around Red River, N.M. to be perfect. No matter your skill level, there’s lots of snow to get your heart racing and feet gliding down the slopes. But before you start, some basic equipment will help you have a more enjoyable skiing event.

For the Body – There are NO Unimportant Parts!

Some basic gear IS necessary.  Don’t be intimidated by other skiers and feel like you “need” the fancy outfits. As a beginner myself in North Carolina, I wore a work coverall! I looked ridiculous compared to others, (or maybe I just looked ridiculous), but it worked well enough for the man-made snow and 29 degrees I was in at the time. However, good equipment will work best to keep you warm and safe from the dangers of frostbite. The average low temp in the area from October to March is in the low teens or single digits.   Before you invest a lot of money, why not start small. You can always add to your gear over time.  Flexibility is important, but protection from the elements is critical. Thermal underwear will help keep your natural body temp to a maximum. Waterproof gear over your thermals will prevent damage to skin while skiing in the temperatures you are likely to encounter in the Red River area. Once you are comfortable that skiing is something you can enjoy and will do often, then invest in equipment that suits your budget and performs the way you like.

Protecting your Extremities

Now that your body is covered, you also need to protect your feet, hands and head. Since those are the areas that are most susceptible to colder temps, socks, boots, face cover and gloves will provide adequate protection. It should be pointed out that the ears are likely to be frostbitten aswell as the nose, fingers, and toes. It is possible that you are having so much fun you won’t notice it happening. Protective face gear, goggles, and, of course, a nice warm toboggan for your head underneath the helmet for those “we-hope-they-never-happen” falls. And, by the way, did I mention you should use a helmet?

skiing in red river

Ski Poles

Ski Poles are necessary as well.  Used for balance as well as helping control your speed, they are a great way to gain control. When the momentum of your upper body causes you to lose balance, the ski poles can help right that. You really want to avoid “Gluteus Maximus meeting Terra Ferma”.  Poles can help you maintain a comfortable speed that won’t end in a fall. (Helmet needed if you do fall. Remember how I mention you should use a helmet?). However, poles are optional if skier is under 48” tall.


The local Red River Ski Area as well as Sitzmark Sports offer ski rentals, equipment and have staff that can help with proper fitting. If you are cross-country skiing or hitting the bunny slopes for the first time; amateur or professional, the ski areas are there to help you make the most of your time on the slopes.

Night Night

Finally, a nice warm bed at night, dinner, perhaps a hot tub or a hot drink, will help you relax, reminisce about your day, and rest for the next invigorating day on the slopes.   Enjoy!

Red River Fall Festivals To Enjoy

Red River Fall Festivals To Enjoy
The changing of the leaves signifies winter is just around the corner. September and October, however, offer beautiful fall colors and some great family friendly festivals to enjoy in Red River, N.M. With brisk days and crisp nights, why not enjoy the beauty
and be entertained with some local culture and music.

Aspencade Arts & Crafts Fair

The Aspencade Art and Crafts Festival runs from September 21 – 23 this year. Featuring homemade pottery, jewelry, and handmade crafts of all varieties (all my personal favorites) – there is something for everyone. Lots of shopping and food, (O.K. maybe food is my personal favorite) will keep you and your family enjoying the great outdoors and the beautiful fall foliage. Can’t you see yourself getting a jump on the holiday shopping of unique gifts……and eating, of course we can see ourselves definitely eating some of the local cuisine. This is a child friendly event and pets are always welcome!

Red River Folk Festival at Aspencade

In conjunction with the Aspencade Arts & Crafts Fair, the Red River Folk Festival offers four glorious days of music, food, and adult beverages. It begins the evening of September 20th and concludes on the 23rd. Our 4th year with the Arts and Crafts Fair just keeps getting bigger and better. Local and nationally known artists provide entertainment on a variety of stages. Lots of outdoor venues so bring a chair or a blanket. Attendees under 21 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian for the shows where alcohol is served.

Oktoberfest        Prost!! Bier!! Brats!!

What would October be without “Oktoberfest”!!! Adorn your lederhosen, practice your OOMPAH and join us this October 5 – 7 at Brandenburg Park. Authentic German Food, craft beer, and local wines are featured in this family friendly event. Contests for best beard and mustache (come on guys…..you know you want to), ski trip give-away and entertainment for die kleine (the little ones). You’ll probably find me somewhere around the German food and Bier tent. Also, you may notice your favorite vacation rental company will have a great give away! Be sure to stop by Reservations Unlimited’s tent for small talk and a chance to win an awesome cooler!!! You can’t miss us, we are the one with the big red tent!

The Trails, they are a Calling

Add to your adventure by coming a few days early or staying a few days after the festivals or both! The trails around Red River are great for your ATV experience……….Bring your own or rent mountain bikes and ATVs at our local venues. Please, keep the trails clean. Pick up your trash and respect other riders while experiencing our trails. The wilderness is here for all to enjoy. No fires are allowed on the trails and no ATVs are allowed in town.

If you prefer a slightly slower pace, hiking is a great way to take in the sights. Trails range from easy, moderate, to very difficult. Carry out what you carry in. Horseback riding is available as well. (No one expects you to pick up behind them.). You can get up close and personal with nature in Carson National Forest or Valle Vidal.

The nights are spectacular in Red River, N.M. You just can’t beat the stargazing experience from your cabin or townhome for 2 or whole house for 22 will top off each night in grand style.  Hot tubs, hot drinks, friends and family by your side, will make memories for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Grab your mouse and make your reservations, start packing and enjoy the fall foliage in Red River!

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