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The Bears Are Back in Red River, NM

The Dos and Don’ts of Bear Country It’s been a long, cold winter but the bears are back in Red River, NM! They’ve emerged from their dens and are out wandering the woods. Don’t be alarmed though, we can enjoy living in bear country with our furry friends if we know the dos and don’ts […]

Family Friendly Vacations in Red River, NM

A family vacation in Red River offers the best of both worlds: A winter wonderland half the year and a mountain playground the other half. This storybook small town comprised of local charm with a splash of southern hospitality is just the place to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy making those cherished family […]

Top 5 Must Do Summer Activities in Red River, NM

Nestled away in the mountains, Red River, NM is a summertime destination for those who crave a unique adventure away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. We’re a small town that’s bursting with big adventure for folks of all ages. Around here, we start counting down the days until the Red River […]

Summer in Red River, NM

It’s time to trade your snowshoes for hiking boots because the snow has melted and it’s finally summertime in Red River! Life gets a little simpler when you enter the Carson National Forest. Enjoy the majestic mountains surrounding our small town, leaving the stress and demands of life behind you. Step out onto Main Street, […]

5 Historical Facts About Red River, NM

The history in Red River runs through the mountain as deep as the gold mines themselves. From explorers to miners, and the Native Americans that came before them, the area is bursting with history from the moment your round Bobcat Pass. Here’s five historical facts about Red River that every mountain explorer should know.

Why Red River, NM is a Mountain Retreat Destination

  When people first came to Red River the first thing on their mind was GOLD! Now people come to the mountain in search of a different treasure. They come in search of fun, adventure and relaxation that is found in our quaint town. Red River is a mountain retreat that’s built for exploring.

Exploring the Enchanted Circle

The Enchanted Circle is a must see for anyone visiting New Mexico. New Mexico has been known as the Land of Enchantment for generations. After seeing that title, the ever popular Enchanted Circle must be sparking some curiosity, right. The Enchanted Circle is the scenic 83 mile loop that encompasses everything that is unique to […]

Skiing in Red River

There are two ski areas that call Red River home, Red River Ski & Summer Area and The Enchanted Forest Cross Country & Snowshoe Area. Red River Ski & Summer Area is designed for alpine (downhill) skiing; whereas, Enchanted Forest Cross Country & Snowshoe Area is for nordic (cross-country) fans. But for those who aren’t […]

What is Skijoring?

Photo: Courtesy Red River Miner Skijoring. Funny sounding word, huh? Say it with me: Ski-jor-ing. All together now: Skijoring. Now say it three times fast. Skijoring, Skijoring, Skijoring. Okay, I’m just kidding on that one. But now that we know how to say it, what in the world does this funny sounding word mean?

Christmas in Red River, NM

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the pressure to find that perfect last minute Christmas gift, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on the traditional holiday feeling.

Top 5 Must Do Winter Activities in Red River

Red River, New Mexico is a mountain playground that prides itself on having something for everyone. From the thrill seekers to the outdoor explorers, winter in Red River offers fun activities for the whole family. Here’s some of our favorite winter activities!