Red River has five places listed on the National Register of Historic Places that are available for visitors to explore.


Little Red School House Museum: Built in 1915 to replace the original schoolhouse which was destroyed by a fire. The building was used as a schoolhouse until 1942. It continued to be used as a social meeting hall, church and funeral parlor for many years.


Orrin Mallette Cabin: Orin Mallette is listed in the New Mexico business directories as a blacksmith. His shop was located in town, on Main Street, on property that adjoined the log cabin home of his brother Sylvester. In addition to his blacksmithing, and his farming and mining activities, Orin operated a brick kiln on his property at the western end of the valley.


Sylvester (Vet) Mallette Cabin: It is said to be the oldest building in Red River, and the first to be constructed by the first permanent settlers in 1882.


Melson-Oldham Cabin: The original owners, the Melsons and the Oldhams, were pioneer settlers of Red River. During the 1920’s, the Oldham’s built a few sheds to rent to fishermen who came to use their pond. From this, they developed the Tall Pine Resort, which consists of dozen tourist cabins scattered in the woods. The original is maintained as a museum pertaining to the history of Red River.


Pierce Fuller House: The original owners, the Pierce’s and the Fuller’s, were pioneer settlers of Red River. It is said that the builder of the house was “the original owner or manager of the original gold mine.”