Town History



The Red River area is full of history. “Red City” as it was first called, was put on the map when explorers, fur trappers, miners, and prospectors discovered the area. Red River’s population skyrocketed as miners started to pour in and carve into the mountains.


At this time the town had two general mercantiles, a stable, two newspapers, a sawmill, blacksmith shop, barber shop, more than a dozen saloons, several hotels, a dance hall, and a hospital. As the miners moved on to their next destination, Red River began to transform into the mountain playground that it is today.


Taos County, New Mexico
Elevation: 8,750’
Average Winter High: 40℉
Average Winter Low: 12 ℉
Average Snowfall: 188”
Total Area: 1 square mile


Located in the Southern Rocky Mountains and completely surrounded by the Carson National Forest. Named after the stream, Red River, that flows through town.